Marine Corps League Detachment #472

Welcome to the ARTHUR R MEYER JR
Marine Corps League Detachment 472


About The Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League, Detachment 472 was established in Tallahassee in 1981.  The men who have commanded the Detachment over the years are listed as follows:

Lawrence Hoffman, 1981-1983

Ray Schrammel, 1984-1985

Coy Hawkins, 1986

Arthur R. Meyer, Jr., 1987-1989

Ron Pla, 1989-1991

Daniel Fraser, 1992-1993

Alvin Donaldson, 1994-1995

James Burke, 1995-1997

Frank Roycraft, 1989-1999

James Burke, 2000-2008

Robert Stansbury, 2009-2010

Rodney McCoy, 2010-2011

George McKee, 2011-2012

Robert Stansbury, 2013-2014

Wynn Black, 2014-2015

Marc Dickieson, 2015-2017

Dick Jugenheimer, 2017-2019


As Commandants, these Marines were able to steer the Detachment away from the "rocks and shoals" that have seen other units run aground.  The winds did not always blow favorably for Detachment 472, and there were times when the doldrums and light shifting winds seem to govern its future.  Today, however, the Detachment has the wind at its back. 

The Department of Florida (DoF), Marine Corps League, governs the Detachment's operations, but only at a distance.  We supply them with information about new members and the dues money for old and new members; then we send them numbers for various reports about Tallahassee during the year.  We have a good relationship with DoF since its current Commandant was a member of Detachment 472.  We make sure to have representatives attend the conferences and conventions scheduled each year by the Department of Florida.

The annual activities which Marines in Detachment 472 conduct include a Birthday Ball, Toys for Tots, the Leatherneck Golf Tournament, and Veterans' Day Parade.  The Detachment has a monthly newsletter called the 472 Scuttlebutt, this Website, and  We support the local Veteran Service Organizations and the Florida Veterans Foundation; we help staff the Big Bend Honor Guard, Patriot Guard Riders, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  Detachment 472 has its presence known in the Tallahassee veteran community. 

By Laws

The present By Laws for our Detachment and the proposed By Laws.