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Spring Pistol Match 2019

2pm - 6pm

Talon Range Midway Florida

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Spring Pistol Match 2019


Spring Pistol Match 2019

Sponsored by

Marine Corps League

Arthur R. Meyer, Jr. Detachment 472

Men’s and Women’s Spring Pistol Match will be held at 

Talon Range 

550 Commerce Blvd., Midway, FL 32343

SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019

Registration between 12:30-2:00PM

Matches begin at 2:00PM

Who may participate in this shooting match?

ANYONE who enjoys shooting pistols (and likes a little spirit of competition and fun)

may shoot with the Marines of Detachment 472!

Bring any caliber that you want to shoot for this match …

.22, .38, .357, 9mm, .45…whatever, as long as it’s legal!

What is the cost to participate?

The FEE is $20 for the first shooter of the family!

This cost includes $5 for Registration and $15 donation for a ticket. 

The ticket gives you a chance to win a unique, custom

Glock Model 19 

NOTE: MUST BE at least 21 Years Old to purchase a ticket or win the drawing.

Each additional family member’s registration is $5. Additional tickets are optional.

HOWEVER the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances to win!

The donations go to support the 

Marine Corps League Arthur R. Meyer, Jr. Detachment 472 

What equipment is needed to participate?

You will need to bring your favorite handgun, carried in a holster.

You will need to have at least two (2) magazines and 60 rounds of ammunition.

You will need protective hearing devices (headsets or earplugs) and eye glasses.

Need more information?

If you need more information regarding the competition, course of fire, etc., please contact 

Paul Wingler, 919-602-6805 or email paul@pwphoto.com

2pm - 6pm

Talon Range Midway Florida

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