Jack Rosenau


  Jack Rosenau was born on 26 October 1919 and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Cass Technical High School and was a student of Aeronautical Engineering.

One of Jack’s instructors told him about practical aviation experience being taught at the Grosse Isle Naval Air Station a few miles south of Detroit. 

 Jack found a welcome to the Marine Reserve Fighter Squadron VME-5.   With his parents’ permission, at the age of 17, and two years from graduation, Jack joined the Marines on 16 December 1937.

  After Jack received three years of Marine aircraft engine and airframe familiarization, Jack’s squadron was called to active duty with the ground crew reporting to Quantico, Virginia in December 1940.

  Quantico became basic training for Jack with physical exercise, rifle and pistol training, but most importantly, Jack was given the opportunity to choose the specialty he wished to work in.   Jack chose "aerology" the Navy equivalent to "weather". 

 Jack was assigned to the Aerology office Brown Field and then to Aerology school at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  Upon graduation, Jack was promoted to Sergeant and returned to Quantico with assignment to Mag-11.

  In October 1941 Jack was transferred to Headquarters Mag-14 FMF San Francisco and was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in July 1942.  The following September of 1942 Jack was temporarily assigned to the U.S.A.A.F. as an aerographer.  His assignment was with the 79 th Bombardment Squadron which flew anti-submarine and search flights over the Pacific in a Lockheed A-28 Hudson Aircraft.

  In October 1942 Jack was again re-assigned to Mag-11, FMAW, FMF, and promoted to Technical Sergeant in November 1942.  Once back in Mag-11 Jack was busy with the pending departure for the Pacific Theater.   

 The Mag-11 was boarded ship on 15 October and set sail on 16 October 1942.  In route they made a brief stop at Noumea, New Caledonia and then on to Espirito Santo where Mag-11 set up operations.

  Mag-11 engaged in offensive operations against enemy strongholds, air power and enemy shipping through-out the Solomon Islands.   Jack’s duties entailed flying in bombers to collect weather patterns for the entire air group.

  On a more personal note, Jack met and married a fellow Marine, Jean Atkenhead of Colorado in 1943.   Their union was blessed with seven children, five boys and two girls.

  Later, Jack was discharged from the Marine Corps as a Master Technical Sergeant in 1949.   He then enrolled in Michigan State College and studied Geology.  He was also a member of the Army ROTC Field Artillery. 

  In 1950 Jack joined the U.S.A.F. as a 2 nd Lieutenant and remained in the Air Force Reserves until 1985 and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

  Jack Rosenau is a proud member of the Arthur R. Meyer Jr. Detachment #472 of the Marine Corps League Tallahassee, Florida.

Wynn J. Black , Judge Advocate 


Bud Ledson

Marine Bud Ledson

 Bud Ledson was born June 27, 1924 in Lenore West Virginia, and joined the Marine Corps in 1942 at the age of 18. 

  He went to boot camp in Paris Island, South Carolina.   After boot camp, Bud was sent to Cherry Point, North Carolina to train as an aircraft mechanic.  

    The Marine Corps decided that there were enough aircraft mechanics, so Bud was transferred to V.M.S.-3  at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands , and became a rear seat gunner on SBD-5 Aircraft.   

For eighteen months Bud’s squadron flew missions over the Caribbean Sea searching for German Submarines, and any other targets of opportunity.

    The V.M.S.-3 was moved to the Pacific war theater and Bud remained with the squadron.  

One of Bud’s most harrowing experiences involved his going to sleep in the grass on Iejima Island located northwest of Okinawa.  Bud says that he was sleeping with a large rock at his feet.  Bud explains that "God awakened me, because the large rock began to move.   Just then a Japanese soldier came from hiding under the rock and lunged to stab me, but I kicked him in the chest, and then shot him with my 45.  

During the melee before killing him, the Jap soldier stabbed me in the leg."  Bud got up, and was trying to make it to the hospital tent, but before he made it, an air raid occurred and knocked Bud unconscious.   Bud was found by an Army medic and was taken to the hospital tent.


  Bud was honorably discharged at the rank of Corporal October 17, 1945.  He returned to West Virginia where he worked in the coal mines for five years. 

  He then moved to Bloomington, Indiana ,  and worked in a television factory.  He then went to Purdue University and got a degree in Civil Engineering and worked as a surveyor until his retirement.

    Bud was married for 57 years to the love of his life, Alice Livingston, until her death. They raised two sons together.  

He is a member of Arthur R. Meyer Jr. Detachment #472 Marine Corps League Tallahassee, Florida

Wynn J. Black, Judge Advocate.  Semper Fi.


Charlie Pfeifer

Marine Charlie Pfeifer


Charlie Pfeifer was born September 9, 1926 and was raised in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.  In  July 1944, at the age of 17 he joined the U.S. Marine Corp, and went to boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina.

    After training, Charlie was assigned to the newly  forming  5 th Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California.  Charlie’s unit was Alpha Company;  1 st  Battalion of the 26 th Regiment. He was a rifleman in a 30 caliber machine gun squad and was soon promoted to Private 1 st Class.

    The 5 th Marine Division was formed for the invasion of Iwo Jima.  The Division landed on Red Beach on February 19, 1944 with the 27 th and 28 th regiment making the initial assault. Fighting was furious, and casualties were many.  Charlie’s 26th Regiment had been held in reserve. But, was called upon, and they landed behind the 27 th and 28 th Regiments.   Charlie fought on Iwo Jima until the island was secured, and was relieved on March 29, 1944.

    After Iwo Jima, the 5 th Marine Division became part of operation "Olympus", scheduled to invade Japan Home Islands.    After the war was over,   Private 1 st Class Charlie Pfeifer stayed with the 5 th Marines when they occupied the Island of Kyushu.   He received an honorable discharge in November 1946 and returned to civilian life. 

 Charlie worked for the Wayne Colony Company, and helped manufacture the Gatling gun for the A-10 Thunderbolt.   

Charlie and his wife Margaret raised 5 children and currently live in Tallahassee, Florida.   He is a member of the Arthur R. Meyer Jr.   

Semper  Fi .    
Wynn J. Black, Judge Advocate



Harry Mulhern

Marine Harry Mulhern

 Harry Mulhearn was born 25 July 1935 in Belleville, New Jersey, and joined the Ma-rines at the young age of seventeen, on August 6, 1952. He went through boot camp at Parris Island South Carolina.

Harry successfully completed boot camp, and was sent to Millington, Tennessee for Radio, Radar, and Electronic Repairman training. As soon as he finished training he boarded the USS Brewster and sailed to South Korea.

He disembarked at Incheon, South Korea on 3 June 1953, where he was attached to VMCI Squadron. There, he took part in jamming enemy radar. His squadron left Korea in April 1955 and we to Oppama, Japan.

It should be noted that while in Japan, Harry’s squadron was housed in the same build-ings used by the Kamikazi pilots in WWII. Harry was transferred from Japan in June 1955, boarded the USS Wasp, and went to Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Harry was discharged from the Marines on 7 August 1956, and soon after joined the Army National Guard. After 16 years in the National Guard Harry retired as a Master Sergeant.

Harry’s civilian career included working for Otis and Westinghouse as an elevator re-pairman, and the city of New York as an electrician. He retired in 1996.

Harry raised three children, one son and two daughters. He married his current wife Diana in 2006. Diana and Harry live near Monticello, Florida on a mini-farm. They raise farm animals and fowl.

Harry is a member of the American Legion, the AMVETS, the VFW and the Arthur R. Meyer Detachment #472 of the Marine Corps League. 

While in the Marine Corps League he has served as a former Judge Advocate and Sergeant at Arms.